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Welcome to BiblioStats

BiblioStats is a statistics library and archive for Farktography contests on

It's still a bit of a work in progress but new features and functionality are under development and will be announced on this page and on the Farktography forums.  If you need to report a problem or have a new feature suggestion, you can post it on the forums (where I'm CauseISaidSo) or in Fark's Farktography discussion thread (where I'm BecauseISaidSo).

What's New?

July 8, 2012:  All thumbnails now link to the original image; File Names tab added to contestant pages listing the file names of entries already used.

May 7, 2012:  Contestant reports page added showing the top 100 contestants in 17 categories and 3 time periods.  Individual contestant pages modified to show category rankings.

Mar 31, 2012:  NP (Normalized Place, see Useful Definitions below) ranking and statistics added for all entries and contestants.

Getting Around

Within any page, contest themes and contestant usernames are always links to their respective pages.

Pages that are available can be accessed through the navigation menu on the left or through the following list of links to frequently used functionality:

• The currently active or most recent contest is Thanksgiving.

• A full listing of all contests can be found in the contest index.

• To go to a specific contest page, enter the contest number (1 - 916) here:  

• To go to a specific contestant's page, enter his or her Fark username here:  

Useful Definitions

NVC stands for Normalized Vote Count and is the number of votes an entry would've received if the total votes cast in the contest was scaled to 1000.  Due to the wide variation in voter turnout each week, it's a more apples-to-apples method of comparing vote counts across contests.  For example, 40 votes in a contest with 3000 votes cast (13.33 NVC) actually represents a smaller percentage of the total vote than does 20 votes in a contest with 1200 votes cast (16.67 NVC).

Since NVC is scaled to a total vote count of 1000, it is also equivalent to the percentage of total votes cast in tenths of a percent; e.g., 37.33 NVC = 3.733% of total votes.

The relationship between votes and NVC is most easily seen in the Color Popping Naturally contest, which had an even 2000 total votes cast.  Scaling that to 1000 means that for that contest, NVC is exactly half of the actual vote count.

NP stands for Normalized Place and is the percentage of entries that placed at or better than a particular entry (i.e., the entry's percentile).  Similar to the NVC, NP provides a more even measuring stick across contests with differing numbers of entries.

Because of the way NP is calculated, a first place entry may have an NP of less than or greater than 1.  For example, a single entry (i.e., with no tying entries) in first place in a contest with 50 total entries has an NP of 2; that same entry in a contest with 200 entries has an NP of 0.5.  Using the same contest entry counts but with two entries tied for first place, both entries have an NP of 4 and 1, meaning that each entry represents the top 4% and 1% of its respective contests.  Last placed entries always have an NP of 100 (meaning that 100% of entries did as well or better).

Sliding Quarter covers the last 13 contests (roughly 3 months), starting with the currently active or most recent contest.

Sliding Year covers the last 52 contests, starting with the currently active or most recent contest.

Legal Stuff

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