Farktographer since Mar 13, 2019

First Contest: Arts and Crafts (Mar 13, 2019)
Last Contest: The Birds and the Bees (May 18, 2022)
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  ValueRank ValueRank ValueRank
Total contests:93rd422nd12051st
Participation rate:69.2% 80.8% 71.9% 
Total entries:251st1201st34142nd
Average entries/contest:2.781st2.862nd2.8435th
Total votes:1545th7443rd1,89272nd
Average votes/entry:6.165th6.206th5.55206th
Average votes/contest:17.113rd17.714th15.77166th
Total NVC:680.525th3,021.313rd7,428.3520th
Average NVC/entry:27.224th25.186th21.7824th
Average NVC/contest:75.614th71.944th61.907th
Total wins:15th112th636th
Entry win rate:4.00%2nd0.83%5th1.76%75th
Contest win rate:11.11%1st2.38%5th5.00%64th
Total top tens:66th326th7426th
Entry top ten rate:24.00%5th26.67%6th21.70%58th
Contest top ten rate:66.67%4th76.19%6th61.67%35th
Best place:1 1 1 
Worst place:32 47 74 
Average place:16.044th19.084th22.2612th
Best NP:4.35 4.35 1.32 
Worst NP:100.00 100.00 100.00 
Average NP:59.285th57.036th58.37163rd