Farktographer since Mar 13, 2019

First Contest: Arts and Crafts (Mar 13, 2019)
Last Contest: Go With the Flow 3 (Jul 28, 2021)
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  ValueRank ValueRank ValueRank
Total contests:124th395th8773rd
Participation rate:92.3% 75.0% 69.6% 
Total entries:333rd1083rd24561st
Average entries/contest:2.756th2.773rd2.8240th
Total votes:1793rd6145th1,258101st
Average votes/entry:5.427th5.695th5.13214th
Average votes/contest:14.926th15.744th14.46178th
Total NVC:771.355th2,268.086th4,925.9631st
Average NVC/entry:23.378th21.006th20.1131st
Average NVC/contest:64.285th58.164th56.628th
Total wins:15th35th539th
Entry win rate:3.03%5th2.78%5th2.04%60th
Contest win rate:8.33%5th7.69%4th5.75%53rd
Total top tens:94th217th4742nd
Entry top ten rate:27.27%8th19.44%6th19.18%62nd
Contest top ten rate:75.00%7th53.85%6th54.02%44th
Best place:1 1 1 
Worst place:44 56 74 
Average place:19.007th22.046th23.7411th
Best NP:8.51 1.32 1.32 
Worst NP:100.00 100.00 100.00 
Average NP:56.459th57.936th59.48167th