Farktographer since Aug 4, 2010

First Contest: Trees 2 (Farktography Classic) (Aug 4, 2010)
Last Contest: The Birds and the Bees (May 18, 2022)
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  Sliding Quarter Sliding Year Overall
  ValueRank ValueRank ValueRank
Total contests:67th354th14938th
Participation rate:46.2% 67.3% 24.2% 
Total entries:148th1004th33843rd
Average entries/contest:2.33 2.862nd2.27171st
Total votes:7012th6484th2,00969th
Average votes/entry:5.00 6.485th5.94192nd
Average votes/contest:11.67 18.513rd13.48192nd
Total NVC:342.3311th2,613.415th7,378.4921st
Average NVC/entry:24.45 26.134th21.8322nd
Average NVC/contest:57.05 74.673rd49.5224th
Total wins:0 112th283rd
Entry win rate:0.00% 1.00%4th0.59%131st
Contest win rate:0.00% 2.86%4th1.34%133rd
Total top tens:219th307th8621st
Entry top ten rate:14.29% 30.00%5th25.44%43rd
Contest top ten rate:33.33% 85.71%4th57.72%39th
Best place:4 1 1 
Worst place:36 67 182 
Average place:20.57 19.435th35.8664th
Best NP:40.00 3.33 3.33 
Worst NP:100.00 100.00 100.00 
Average NP:72.68 54.625th57.32154th